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Public Safety

To properly support and maintain a department and the safety of the citizens of Tustin, AJ proposes increasing sworn and unsworn personnel to align with the growth and significant issues of the city. Due to AB109, Propositions 47 and 57. Tustin has seen an uptick in property crime and the homeless crisis. More personal are needed so that instead of handling calls of service for most of their shifts, they are out patrolling and out engaging with the community. AJ also supports adding cameras in high crime areas and major intersections to help with traffic/criminal investigations and to help the department operate more efficiently.

Patrol – The city needs more officers on the street. Tustin’s department has held the same staffing levels over the last decade and has added new development and will continue to add more development over the next decade.

Traffic – Adding more officers will help to combat the street takeovers and the drag racing on the Edinger, Walnut, Bryan, and Tustin Ranch corridors. Also with more traffic enforcement officers, the department can increase DUI saturation patrols at night.

Non-Sworn Personnel– Increasing staffing within the non-sworn positions can help with calls for service and providing better service to the citizens and visitors of Tustin.

While on the Chief’s Advisory Board, AJ also advocated for a jailer to help streamline patrol operations.

AJ would like to change the role of the Chief’s Advisory Board to align more with the role of a public safety commission. The goal of the Public Safety Commission would be to continually review the Tustin Police Department’s use of force and other law enforcement policies. The purpose of the commission would be to make recommendations to the City Council on matters concerning Tustin’s law enforcement and fire services.

OCFA – AJ would like to maintain the current staffing levels at Tustin’s three fire stations (21, 37, and 43). To decrease response time and reduce the risk of accidents, AJ would ask the city to explore options of traffic management technology at critical intersections to allow emergency vehicles to pass through safely on by prompting green lights. The goal is to keep our first responders and citizens safe on the streets and get help quickly to areas where it is immediately needed. AJ would also like to increase CERT involvement within the city.