Community Engagement / Transparency

AJ thinks it is important that elected officials and city staff have an open dialogue between the residents and businesses. One of the largest complaints that AJ hears is that the community is often in the dark on issues and frustrated when it comes to voicing their concerns. Understanding that every issue or decision may anger people, AJ believes that increased transparency and dialogue will help with resolving differences. He believes that elected officials should also be accessible to their constituents.

AJ also wants to increase community involvement and engagement with continued efforts utilizing the City of Tustin and the Police Department’s citizen’s academy. The citizen’s academy lead to AJ’s further involvement with Tustin, and it can serve as an important tool in educating the community on opportunities to get involved within the city. AJ also supports term limits on commission positions to create future leaders for the city.

AJ also supports returning the Tustin PD’s weekly updates and Tustin’s continued use of Next Door and Social Media for community outreach.