Economic Development

AJ will continue to support job growth and economic development in Tustin. Emphasis on developing Tustin for the future, businesses will support Tustin’s success and financial reserves. Increased job creation and educational partnerships are key for future Tustin.

Post COVID-19, the city and council need to stimulate the local economy and businesses, in order to bring the economy back to prosperity.

Continue to support our crown jewel business corridors that include the Enderle Center, the Market Place, Tustin Auto Center, and the District.

Old Town Tustin –
AJ believes Old Town Tustin has lots of promise but needs to make hard decisions with the implementation of the Downtown Commercial Core Specific Plan. The city needs to come up with a solid strategy to promote uniqueness and charm, while simultaneously supporting Tustin’s history and local businesses. Neighboring cities have thriving old towns and AJ wants to see old town thriving and business booming. The city needs to push the development of projects to fill-in and maintain the character of Old Town Tustin. AJ wants to work with the community, businesses and land owners to ensure Old Town Tustin.

Legacy –
With the next decade of Legacy development occurring after COVID-19 the city will need to re-evaluate the land use. The city must adjust the build-out according to neighboring cities. Large emphasis on commercial office development might not be wise as neighboring cities have been rezoning commercial zones to residential zones. Additionally, the city-owned hangar will have to be repurposed to be economically profitable for the city. Tustin has unlimited potential with the proper development of the MCAS Tustin land.

Blight –
As Tustin, continues to suffer from blight, major entry points into Tustin have fallen into despair. Although Tustin was recently in prosperous times, within Tustin there are many parcels of property that have been sitting vacant for many years. Many shopping centers are outdated, rundown, and in the need of updates. AJ’s goal is to push developers/property owners to modernize and update their developments. AJ wants to bring key people to the table to understand and see where opportunities exist. AJ believes the city needs to work with these property owners/developers to address their problems before they become a major issue. Leaving these businesses/properties alone has caused problems for the city and the local neighborhoods that they reside in. AJ wants to make use of the city’s tools to prevent these local business owners from operating with disregard for the community.