AJ’s involvement with Tustin has been as a resident and business owner. AJ is a successful business owner and proud resident in Tustin since 2010. Locally, he has been involved with the community and many non-profits. Currently, AJ serves as a Planning Commissioner for the City of Tustin. AJ also serves on the board of Tustin Chamber of Commerce and the Boys and Girls Club of Tustin. Prior to the Planning Commission, AJ spent two years on the Tustin Police Departments Chief’s Advisory Board. He has always believed in community first.

AJ has completed the following programs:
2017 City of Tustin – Citizen’s Academy
2016 City of Tustin Police Department – Citizen’s Academy
2019 Marine Corps Executive Forum
2019 Federal Bureau of Investigation Los Angeles Citizen’s Academy

AJ will be participating in the Department of Defense’s JCOC – Joint Civilian Orientation Conference to be held later in 2021. Delayed due to COVID-19.

AJ is an avid supporter of non-profits and the local community:

Dollars For Scholars
Miss Tustin Scholarship Program
Rotary of Club of Tustin-Santa Ana
The Exchange Club of Tustin
The Boys and Girls Club Of Tustin
Tustin Chamber of Commerce
Tustin State of the City
Tustin Community Foundation
Tustin Girls Softball
Tustin Police Foundation
Tustin Public Schools Foundation

AJ’s Approach

I am running for city council to overcome the challenges ahead. I am committed to advancing Tustin, providing the best services for its residents, emphasizing public safety, and continue to support businesses to establish Tustin as one of the leading cities in Orange County. I want to ensure transparency and dialogue between the community and the city. Before Covid-19, Tustin has been a financially secure city with ample reserves to support the community. Post COVID-19, Tustin will face challenges getting back to business and continuing growth. Due to the stagnation of the economy, tax revenue, occupancy tax will face dramatic drop-offs. Covid-19 has affected everyone, mainly our local economies, schools, and lives to a halt. Tustin faces tough decisions as we move free of our paralysis that we have been stuck in for the last few months. Budgets will need to be modified, alternative revenue sources will need to be explored, and the city will need to adapt. My goal is to boost public safety spending and improve city services. I also want to foster an environment where we continue to welcome business and enhance the quality of life for the residents of Tustin.

Furthermore, I want to create more dialogue and transparency between public officials and community members. I welcome creative ideas, out of the box thinking, and criticism when deserving. We, as a community, need to inspire more of the younger population to get involved in commissions and committees. Opening pathways to success and jobs in the city will encourage economic development. My perspective as a successful entrepreneur will help to relate to the issues businesses and residents in our community are facing.  The task will not be easy, but I am ready to step up to the challenge and be your councilman.

Public Service Background

AJ currently serves as a Planning Commissioner for the City of Tustin. His role as a planning commissioner consists of:

    • Considering and making recommendations to the City Council on zoning map and zoning ordinance changes.
    • Considering other policies and programs affecting development and land use in Tustin for final City Council action.
    • Preparing and making recommendations to the City Council on the City’s Comprehensive Plan regarding development.
    • Reviewing and making recommendations to the City Council on subdivisions, on appeals on variances and use permits.

Prior to the role on the planning commission AJ served on the Chief’s Advisory Board for the Tustin Police Department.

    • The Chief’s Advisory Board (CAB) is designed to provide for member input on department policies and procedures.
    • CAB is designed for open discussion regarding trends in law enforcement such as: uses of force, police pursuits and other significant police issues.
    • CAB will have no input or discussion regarding specific employee personnel issues.
    • CAB will act solely in an advisory capacity and will not be involved in Department decision making at any level.
    • CAB is expected to provide input on topics the Chief of Police deems appropriate and timely.


AJ operates a successful business in town and has been part of the local business community since 2010. His business is constantly recognized as one of the top sites in the nation.

AJ is also a member of the following organizations:

National Association Of Convenience Store Retailers. (NACS)
FBI LA Citizens Academy Alumni Association

Infragard – InfraGard is a partnership between the FBI and members of the private sector.